Fish Room

Description of our tank setup:

We currently have 5 centralised setup at Chens Discus and description and pictures can be viewed below. Our fish are stocked in two seperate rooms with the facility to convert a third room, if required. Room 1 measures 24ftx8ft, while Room 2 measures 32ftx12ft and Room 3 is 10ftx8ft. Water filteration in Room 1 & 2 is done using a combination of de-ioniser and merlin RO Unit. We have plans to add an extra breeding setup with 10×18″ cubes and 1×96″x30″x24″ show tank in the coming months.

Water change is done on a semi-automic system by just opening a valve. The entire water change is done without getting hands wet or disturbing the fish in the system. We do a 40-50% water change in our stocking and growing-on system and 20% water change on our breeding setup every day depending on the stocking levels. Occassionally, during weekends the stocking tanks get upto 60%, while the growing-on tanks get close to 100% water change.

Our fish is mainly fed on “Chens Discus Beefheart” which we prepare ourselves, thereby ensuring no water and waste are added to them. We do not feed our fish any dry food or flakes, although ocassionally they are given frozen brineshrimp and chopped earthworms. Juvinelle fish are fed 3-4 times a day and adults are fed twice.

Room 1

System 1
8 x 36″x18″x18″ tanks connected on a central sump. Used primarily as the quarantine system

System 2
12 x 18″x18″x18″ breeding cube connected on a central sump.
Room 2

System 3
12 x 36″x18″x18″ tank connected to nexus easypod filter with individual ehiem 2215 external filters. Used mainly as stocking tanks.

System 4
8 x 60″x18″x18″ tank connected to a nexus easypod filter with individual ehiem external filters. Used mainly as stocking and growing-on tanks.

System 5
8 x 18″x18″x18″ tank connected to a sump.

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