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In order to maintain high quality discus fish, our juvenile stock is fed a mixture of various foods rich in protein, carrotene and vitamins. We regularly feed them shrimp eggs to bring out the natural colouration in them. Adult fish are fed live food once in a week with a mixture of homemade beefheart, tetra prima and various other discus foods. Juveniles fish are fed thrice a day while twice for adults.

The key to having a healthy and happy discus is water quality. Adult fish are kept in de-ionised water, while the juvenile are kept in a mixture of 2/3 DI water and 1/3 dechlorinated tap water. Water changes of 20% is done for adult tanks and 40% for juvenile tanks every day to maintain the best water quality.

A few benefits of purchasing fish from Chen’s Discus are:
– Fully quarantined for a minimum of four weeks;
– Acclimitizing fish to adapt to local water parameters;
– Worming of fish;
– Proper conditioning of fish to feed various discus food (tetraprima/beefheart etc.);
– Guaranteed live fish;
– Very high quality Grade ‘A’ fish;
– atleast 25 different strains of all sizes available at all times;
– Personal delivery of fish to avoid stress;
– Actual pictures of fish can be sent before ordering;
– Customers can personally select the fish from my tanks.

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