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Aquarama 2007/ /Trip Pictures

with Bernd Degen

With Dr. Sun See Seng (President of Discus Society Singapore)

One of my favourite Tank set-up

On behalf of Tony Tan

Left to right: Jeffrey Yang, Tony Tan, Chris Chua, Na Chung, Lawrence Soon, Francis Hu, Ricky Lim and Jeffrey Tan

Golden Spotted Snakekskin

Spotted Snakeskin

Golden Albino Breeding Pair

Blue Diamond Breeding Stock

Rose Red and Red Melon Breeding Pair

Pigeon Blood with fry

Blue Scorpion Snakekin x Blue Diamond Pair

Pigeon Snakeskin Pair

Blue Diamond Pair with fry

Blue Diamond with fry

Blue Scorpion Snakeskin x Blue Diamond with fry

Red Melon x Pigeon Blood Pair

Some of the selected fish fromTony’s Farm

Selecting fish

Feeding Time

Tony sweating in his spa

Water storage and conditioning at Tony’s farm

One of Tony’s farm (only 30% covered in pic)

100% water change

Aquarama 2007/ /Trip Pictures

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