About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourself as Chen’s Discus, supplier of discus fish for trade and retail in the UK. Our main aim of starting Chen’s Discus is to supply new strains and quality discus fish to local breeders and discus hobbyist. We pride in supplying quality discus and even guarantee that each and every fish is personally selected by us before we send them to you. Even better, we encourage customers to come and hand pick the discus of their choice. Most fish available are imported from Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia and directly from Brazil.

We at Chen’s Discus stock more than 700 discus fish starting from 2.5 inch to 7 inch and between 15-25 different strains at any time. We specialise in breeding pairs and we take pride to ensure that our stocks are of the best quality, both in shape and colour.

You can contact us by email or by phone and if possible come and visit us (by appointment). We would also be happy to assist any new breeder or hobbyist with any problems you might encounter.